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An Introduction to Purojal INDL

PUROJAL INDL is a solution containing 7% (70,000ppm) chlorine dioxide stabilised in solution by a patented system of buffers. The product is produced at pH 9, if maintained at this pH and stored in cool dark conditions the product has a twelve-month shelf life.

To fully understand the value of Purojal INDL as a product it is first necessary to appreciate some background of the chemical base – chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) has been known for many years to be a very potent biocide, rated second only to ozone in biocidal activity but over which it enjoys several compensatory advantages. ClO2 has been approved in most countries for use in drinking water and in large industrial processes, it is rapidly replacing chlorine. The major drawback to the use of ClO2 is the fact that it is generated as a gas (dissolved in water) and is unstable in transport except at very low concentrations. Efficient generation of ClO2 requires that the volume produced is very large. Because of this, its use even as a generated on site product has been limited to only those locations with very large potential use.

PUROJAL INDL is a product in which the ClO2 has been buffered in such a way as to allow a relatively high concentration of ClO2 to be stabilised and be safe to hadle and transport. In its manufactured form the product has only limited biocidal activity, but it will react with a number of acidulous organisms such as slime and algae. PUROJAL INDL will also react very rapidly with Hydrogen Sulphide and many other odour sources. Although used extensively as an odour control agent in a number of formulated products, the major attraction of Anthium Dioxcide as a stabilised product is its ability to give a long bacteriostatic and slime eliminating action in water, industrial cutting fluids or air ducts.

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