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Biosecurity For The Food Industry From Clean Env…

Purojal DW

Prevents bacterial infection in chiller and wash water in processing plants and other food handling areas.


Complete sanitiser and deodoriser for equipment and buildings. Helps to prevent bacterial infection in processing plants and other food handling areas


Chlorine dioxide generators for large scale applications in the food industry. Specifically designed for the high purity – high yield requirements of the food industry

Complete Sanitation Programmes For The Food Industry

CET Biosecurity Packages For The Food Industry: 
CET are pleased to introduce a complete range of food industry bactericides and sanitisers to our range of environmental hygiene products:-Financial losses and public concern due to bacterial infection and “food scares” are of increasing concern to the food industry, consumers and regulatory authorities. Strenuous efforts are made to prevent disease and infection spreading while the stock is on the farm – but it is most often at the processing plant where infection and contamination is picked up.

The problems caused by bacterial infection apply to all sectors of the food industry, including vegetable washing, fish processing and meat production. While great care and attention is often taken to minimise the risk of infection from processing staff and other food handlers, relatively ineffectual biocides and disinfectants are used to treat process water and equipment. In this introduction to our food plant hygiene systems, we will compare the use of our chlorine dioxide based products with other ineffectual products on the market, and outline the commercial and safety related advantages of using chlorine dioxide. Intended to compliment existing good practice in other areas of plant hygiene, CET are pleased to be able to offer a complete package of treatment systems that will ensure that only safe and contamination free food will reach the consumer.