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Irrigation Water

Growing plants need good quality water in order to thrive but very often they suffer because the irrigation water is heavily contaminated with the pathogens that abound in river and lagoons. Pathogens such as Ralstonia solanacearum, which causes potato brown rot, and well known water pathogens such as Pythium and Phytophthora can be destroyed by disinfecting river and lagoon water with Purojal Agri.

Even distribution of water throughout production areas cannot be achieved if spray nozzles, valves cooler pads and indeed the whole distribution network are blocked with biofilm and sludge. This sludge increases the number and types of pathogens which may affect your plants but it can be removed easily by regular use of Purojal Agri.

Pre & Post Harvest Treatments

Purojal Agri has been shown to be highly effective in controlling Powdery and Downey Mildew, Botrytis, Rust, Leaf Spot (fungal or bacterial) etc. Purojal Agri leaves no measurable residue and has been used immediately prior to harvest. Post pruning wounds on plants which often give rise to infection can be prevented by use of Purojal Agri. Proper post-harvest disinfection will eliminate the pathogens which damage the produce and destroy shelf life. Purojal Agri will eliminate contaminants in the wash water and prevent cross infection from damaged produce spoiling the quality of the other produce.

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