Algae Indoor / Outdoor Management

Microalgae is used for reducing pollution and capture of carbon dioxide and other GHG gases. The design of small PBRs (PhotoBioReactors) for Indoor use are offered essentially to eradicate household pollution. Small PBRs are designed with cartridges when completely saturated signal a change of cartridge. We provide 2 cartridges to the consumer and as soon as the cartridge installed in the PBR is saturated a blue color light will get emitted. The consumer has to change the cartridge and call our field service who will come to your residence and provide you with a new cartridge. The field service will take away the old cartridge and your system is up and running with a new one. Using the same principle larger PBRs are placed along the side of the roads to catch vehicular pollution. The Algae PBRs will capture all types of gaseous pollution such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide & HFCs.