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Clean Environmental Technologies

Clean Environmental Technologies is a company involved in the area of Environment Health & Safety. We deal in hygiene and biosecurity in the area of water, food, agriculture, horticulture, dairy, aquaculture & fisheries.

We provide end to end solutions from supply of the precursor stabilized chlorine dioxide and activator, oxy chlor generators and surveillance testing of water to check residual chlorine dioxide in the water. This helps to establish the demand of chlorine dioxide in the water. As a company and an expert in chlorine dioxide treatment we understand the importance of end-to-end responsibilities and solutions.

Our CEO has the longest experience in chlorine dioxide use and treatment in India. He was instrumental in bringing a leading Scottish firm as a Joint Venture partner for the use, application of chlorine dioxide treatment to water in the year 2000. Our CEO has over 21 years, experience in the field of chlorine dioxide treatment that involves application engineering, dose setting, injection of chlorine dioxide into the water that has to be treated. One of the few companies having a good understanding of chlorine dioxide treatment as a disinfectant in India.

In the area of wastewater, we work with innovative technologies that are income generators for the owners of the wastewater treatment plant. These wastewater treatment plants are not cost centres, meaning they don’t drain money from your pocket, but put money in your pocket.

Using solar energy, carbon dioxide and nutrients in the wastewater, our MAST (Microbe Algae Sewage Treatment) Technology are carbon negative (meaning they absorb / capture carbon dioxide from the air in a way that they absorb more carbon dioxide than they release into the atmosphere).

Our Indoor / Outdoor Air Quality solutions deal with microbial infections as well as reduction of GHGs that lead to pulmonary disease. Outdoor Air Quality and Pollution takes a toll on the health of the people. Major cause is lung problems that can lead to cardiac problems and early mortality.

Indoor Air Quality poses certain problems like “Sick Building Syndrome” while Outdoor Air Quality poses other types of respiratory issues. When there is an accumulation of both in a person it poses a severe threat to the person’s well-being.

We take Environment Health & Safety very seriously and furthering MAST Technology concept we are a complete algae (plant protein) company with 2 areas of function.

Commercial operations comprising the farming of different species of micro and macroalgae for food, feed, nutraceuticals for humans and feed supplements for animals. It has been noted that obesity and hypertension are serious issues in India besides diabetes, heart problems and cancer. Our goal is to provide health and wellness solutions for vegans and vegetarians whose consumption of protein leads to health issues. Besides this Indian diet is high in sodium that finally leads to several medical problems. In light of this we at CET work with food and health experts to develop and introduce healthy snacks and dinners that address these very medical issues.

Industrial operations to treat wastewater and to recycle and reuse the treated wastewater to tertiary level qualities to alleviate water stress due to heavy consumption in agriculture and industries.

Besides the recycle and reuse of tertiary wastewater in agriculture and industry to produce renewable chemicals from carbohydrates that grow on wastewater.

Our Vision

Innovation : To not stop at present offerings, but innovate towards tomorrow’s issues through custom made solutions

Value addition : To   provide tremendous value addition to our offerings. For eg our surveillance systems that take the load off the infection  control department of a hospital

Wellness solutions : To provide wellness solutions that span air, water, food, bodily health and physical appearance – for eg the spectrum from macroalgae to microalgae with different species to provide nutrients

Our Mission

To improve the water, food and air quality for better environment health and safety of the community. The company is constantly improving its offerings to Government, Industry & Institutions to upgrade and provide better hygiene in their surroundings.

This becomes more relevant given the uncertain times in which we live. In 2019 no one knew that the world would see a pandemic like COVID. In 2021 we have all become smarter and careful, but we cannot let our guard down. Clean Environmental Technologies can play a proactive role through the treatment of water, food, air, wastewater