About Us

Clean Environmental Technologies is a company involved in the area of Environment Health & Safety. We deal in hygiene and biosecurity in the area of water, food, agriculture, horticulture, dairy, aquaculture & fisheries.

We provide end to end solutions from supply of the precursor stabilized chlorine dioxide and activator, oxy chlor generators and surveillance testing of water to check residual chlorine dioxide in the water. This helps to establish the demand of chlorine dioxide in the water. As a company and an expert in chlorine dioxide treatment we understand the importance of end-to-end responsibilities and solutions.

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Our Products

We offer different products to help you

Water Treatment

Potent disinfectant for microbial and chemical contamination.

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Purojal Agri provides resilient fruits and vegetables.

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Providing good health of the animal to get better quality of milk Doesn’t show

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   Active colloid makes all the difference.

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Preventing infections through HVAC ducts.

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Cold Storage

Importance of maintaining temperature and humidity to preserve potatoes.

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Importance given to food borne pathogens that we help eradicate.

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Helping in maintenance of hygenic and aseptic conditions during production.

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